Feeling any pressure lately?

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Have you been feeling any pressure lately?

As we engage with our clients, many people tell us the pressures of leadership continue to mount these days.

It can be a cliché to say, “It was easier back then,” but the pressure to be a solid, charismatic, and innovative dream leader continues to rise. At the top of many organizations is the expectation to lead at “superhero” levels. One must be visionary, charismatic, a connector and people developer.

Furthermore, there are heightened expectations about character, integrity and transparency. The amazing pace of technological innovation also creates the expectation for leaders to be able to see into the future, navigating these areas with speed and skill.

Oh, and don’t forget the expectation to be savvy on social media, and have a brilliant strategic mind.

One last thing, you need to have a great family and lots of fun as well!

Whew – no wonder we’re feeling the pressure of leadership lately. The stakes have been raised significantly!

Let’s chart a better course.

Most people realize it’s next to impossible for any single leader to be great at all of these things. Thus the need for great teams with great team dynamics.

I’m talking about teams that are self-aware, committed, collaborative, share the load, honor each other’s strengths and weaknesses, provide grace, and lift each other up to get the job done.

Throughout history it’s actually been great teams rather than great leaders that have truly changed the landscape and made an impact. This is the main reason why most of our coaching involves both the point leader as well as the team.

Why? Because great leaders don’t change the world, great teams do.

So here’s the challenge for today’s business leaders: you need to grow yourself and grow your team.

We believe that every leader really can grow, specifically in five key areas. We call them the “Five Attributes of Fantastic Leaders.”

Here’s a quick summary of the Five Attributes. These exceptional leaders are:

  • Attentive: always present, engages others well
  • Courageous: unafraid to go first, taking measurable risk
  • Messy: willing to get into the details of both projects and people
  • Sacrificial: happily doing what needs to be done
  • Inclusive: always looking for ways to connect and collaborate

Click here to download a free one page overview of these “Five Attributes of Great Leaders.”

Gut-check questions:

  • Have I stopped growing as a leader?
  • Have I grown in self-awareness over the last year?
  • Do I think about developing me? Or about developing my team?
  • Who’s investing in me as I invest in others?

Conclusions & Next Steps

Take some time to reflect: Where are you at as a leader? How is your team growing and investing together?