Do you have a healthy leadership pipeline?

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Do you ever wonder, “Does anyone like working here?”

Now more than ever, the cultural health of your organization is critical.

In the past people seemed to endure difficult and challenging work environments because it was, well, “normal.” And while this reality wasn’t ideal, people stayed in difficult environments because it paid the bills and provided for the family.

But things are different today.

Today’s workforce just won’t tolerate toxic and unproductive work environments. Today’s top talent seeks workplaces that foster growth and health. Workplaces that people actually like coming to!

Today’s workers are looking for better place to work.

Today’s best companies create environments where employees are developed and engaged in the business. They offer new and creative incentives as well as a clear path for growth. Creating a culture that is connected to clear vision and values fosters health and productivity.

Health is seen in:

  • Good relationships
  • Conflict-resolution
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Fun! People actually enjoy working together

Productivity is seen in:

  • Efficiency and effectiveness
  • Accountability
  • Goals set and achieved
  • Innovation and growth

Healthy and productive environments aren’t just good for people. They’re good for the bottom line, too!

Simply put: Health + Productivity = Increased Profitability

But navigating the tension is key.

It’s all too easy for leadership to become two-dimensional, only focusing on:

  1. Expanding the business
  2. Taking care of their customers

A third focus (the employees) is usually lacking, and it inevitably catches up with them over time.

But there’s a big opportunity here.

If we can create the space to develop a strong and robust culture, everything improves. Now, coming to work isn’t a drain. Instead there’s space for apprenticeship, leadership development, creativity and validation.

The best cultures create a “leadership pipeline” with four key components:

  1. Recruitment: Intentionally drawing great people that align with the business’s vision and values
  2. Training: Providing specific tools and structures to move people up in the way of the company
  3. Deployment: Giving people real opportunities to achieve and succeed in the company, knowing that failure isn’t fatal, they provide a learning pathway for quicker innovation and insight.
  4. Review: Providing regular feedback and debrief. People don’t have to wait quarterly or annually to find out how they are doing. Feedback is instantaneous both in its praise as well as its critique.

These four culture essentials comprise a healthy leadership pipeline that creates an environment where people can thrive.

Gut-Check Questions:

  • Am I intentionally investing in the health and productivity of my culture?
  • Am I engaging in a way that attracts and keeps top talent?
  • Do I handle conflict and relationship well? Is there ever any fun?
  • Are there clear accountability and incentive structures in place?
  • Is the company a safe place where it is ok to take calculated risks and occasionally make a mistake?

Conclusions & Next Steps

There’s a “game-changer” right in front of you for your company, and it’s simple: create the space to invest in your teams. Start by being intentional, encouraging and authentic – enjoy the results!

And click here to download a visual overview of the Leadership Pipeline.